IH Services fosters a culture where everyone strives to do their best and feel great about doing it.

IH Services believes that most people want to be a part of something special… something that is more than just showing up, clocking in and out, and going home.

IH Services accomplishes this through a process we call “Purposeful Engagement” which consists of 5 simple principles:

  1. Make sure they know that we care about them.
  2. Give them a safe environment to work in.
  3. Ask them more often than tell them.
  4. Recognize them for doing right instead of always pointing out what’s wrong.
  5. Celebrate their successes.

The Benefits of our Management Approach

  • Our accident rate have plummeted since the introduction of the “12 Steps to Zero Accidents” safety program.
  • Associates enjoy coming to work.

Selection Process

Selecting your Account Manager begins by screening for specific attributes and skill sets:

  • Has proven leadership skills
  • Is a clear and concise communicator
  • Is goal-oriented
  • Is flexible and responsive
  • Can effectively plan and coordinate
  • Knows how and when to delegate
  • Is an effective teacher and trainer
  • Creates a positive work environment
  • Is self-motivated and enterprising
  • Has an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Presents a positive image
  • Looks for ways to add value

Once the right person is selected, we begin to develop these leadership attributes through a comprehensive program which includes:

  • An intense training and orientation program to prepare them for the transition process and get them familiar with all processes and equipment
  • Coaching and mentoring by their District Manager
  • Online shared documents that give them immediate access to items such as HR hiring packets, MSDS sheets, job specifications, etc.
  • Growth through collaboration with others throughout the company
  • Ongoing mentoring program with others in like industries that face similar challenges
  • Periodic feedback on performance
  • Account Manager Leadership Development sessions
  • Nomination and recognition for safety awards

After successful completion of this training, you can be confident they are prepared to offer the best service possible. Here’s what you can expect from them:


  • Maintain scheduling system to meet contract specifications
  • Obtain thorough knowledge of contract specifications and sanitation program
  • Assure complete job understanding to include proper cleaning procedures
  • Understand interaction between service, controlling expenses, and making reasonable profit
  • Cope with changing conditions, your needs and specifications


  • Provide timely associate feedback, to include necessary counseling and disciplinary action
  • Build teamwork to maximize morale and minimize associate turnover
  • Keep accurate records to make necessary changes and prevent recurrences of problems
  • Provide staff with specific training for safe work practices and safety awareness through the “12 Steps to Zero Accidents” safety program.


  • Process weekly payroll through a web-based time-keeping system
  • Manage associate HR issues, Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment
  • Recruit, screen, and interview applicants
  • Understand and manage the “big picture’, anticipate readiness for any situation, and keep operations running smoothly
  • Understand how to take full advantage of all resources provided


  • Daily contact and weekly meeting with your representatives for continued communication of service issues
  • Conduct daily evaluation of service quality
  • Understand your needs and interact with all levels of your management to ensure we are delivering the service you expect
  • Proactively seek solutions to your changing needs

Innovation and Technology

Your Account Manager will be armed with the latest technology that allows them immediate access to:

  • Online Leadership and Development training sessions 
  • 24/7 access to all resources necessary to provide continuous, uninterrupted operations
  • State-of-the-art “scan and send” applications through their smart phones or tablet
  • P3 Quality Systems Audit and Inspections utilizing their smart phones or tablet