Our engineered approach to exceptional quality ensures we deliver at the very highest level

From state-of-the-art software that calculates exactly how much time it takes to complete various tasks, to our established relationships with the best of the best suppliers and vendors, you can rest assured that IH Services can achieve very specific results with the highest return on your investment.

engineers work on top of a pile of blueprints


IH Services employs a team of industrial engineers who support our sales and operations teams and maintain and update our Standard Hour Values which tells us how long it takes to perform a specific task.

In cases where the facility does not provide a complete scope of work, the IE Department will perform a facility survey to evaluate the facility and recommend site specific tasks and frequencies based on facility size, associate totals per shift, number of offices, restrooms, lounges, cafeterias, traffic in particular areas, floor surfaces, and facility cost concerns. From the facility survey or from the complete scope of work provided by the client, the IE Department will create a site-specific workload.

Our state-of-the-art software calculates exactly how much time it takes to complete various tasks safely at the highest levels of efficiency. This results in accurate labor staffing and individual assignments to complete the required work.


During the workloading process, our industrial engineers seek out the most efficient ways to clean your facility with the highest levels of quality in mind. Equipment selection for your facility is made based on your site specific workload and is a vital part of putting together the most cost-effective, quality-driven proposal possible. We partner with several leading equipment manufacturers in the industry which allows us to use the “Best of the Best” approach — choosing the best equipment from the best manufacturers.


Following the equipment selection process, our industrial engineers will estimate the amount of cleaning supplies needed to perform the tasks in your site-specific scope of work. Our “Best of the Best” approach also applies to cleaning supplies and consumable purchases which are made through the National Service Alliance (NSA). IH Services is a founding member of the NSA, which is a Group Purchasing Organization that negotiates with best-in-class national suppliers to secure value savings programs on industry products, services, and technology.


The IH Services training program revolves around our companywide goal of creating the Ultimate Customer Experience for each and every client. Our associates drive us to success; therefore, they must have the keys to deliver that success.

Our comprehensive training process is deliberate and focused, and includes:

  • Knowledge
  • Demonstration
  • Feedback
  • Application
  • Feedback
  • Check on Progress
  • Evaluate Performance
  • Formal Certification

In preparing each individual with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful, we develop a detailed Job Schedule for each associate, indicating each one’s cleaning assignments throughout their assigned shift. These schedules also indicate specific areas to be cleaned and approximate time requirements for each task listed in the scope of work.

Our Job Schedules are maintained throughout the life of the contract to reflect the current cleaning requirements. As modifications to the scope of work/contract are made, the job schedules are updated for each associate.

IH Services also provide comprehensive bloodborne pathogen training to any of our associates who may be reasonably anticipated to face contact with blood and other potentially infectious materials as a result of performing their job duties. Our bloodborne pathogen training program consists of instructor based classroom/video training for two hours and each associate must pass a written test to be certified. Our associates are also trained on OSHA Right-to-Know HazComm and OSHA Right-to-Know Infectious Agents.


At IH Services, we hold everyone accountable. All associates are required to use a web-based time-keeping system. This system’s benefits include:

  • Improves field payroll accuracy, lowered paperwork, and increased productivity
  • Reduces time spent by manager on nonproductive administrative task
  • Enables management to share time-critical information
  • Provides audit trail of timesheet updates and changes
  • Eliminates lost timesheets