When you measure performance, performance improves

IH Services cares about our customers and we know that you deserve quality cleaning in your facility. Our “P3 Quality Systems” is powered by CleanTelligent, a quality-control system designed to help build and preserve customer relationships through accountability. P3 stands for the Pride, Passion, and Performance of our people, which is the path to delivering to you the Ultimate Customer Experience.

With “P3 Quality Systems”, you can be assured of our effective quality control.

  • Your services are completed.
  • Your messages are documented.
  • Your facility is cleaner.
  • You receive the Ultimate Customer Experience!

P3 Quality Systems’ Cycle of Improvement

Our P3 Quality Systems will introduce a cycle of improvement into your facility. Whether you want to use one or all, every feature of the software can work individually or can be linked together to help us monitor and improve our performance.

The Cycle of Improvement

  1. Inspections: We input and document the services from our contract and utilize a variety of tools to measure our performance. Inspection results are available for review so you can see we are honoring our contract.
  2. Periodic Calendar: All periodic floor work is scheduled based on the frequencies specified in the scope of work.
  3. Scheduling: All work is scheduled based on the areas and frequencies specified in the contract.
  4. Job Schedules: Detailed job schedules ensure that all services are completed as promised.
  5. Work Orders: Submit any issues using your current email system or submit directly into CleanTelligent and all responsible personnel are notified.

Measuring and Reporting Performance

To provide a regular assessment of janitorial quality at your facility, we recommend regular performance reviews, preferably on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. Suggested participants are members of your executive team. Participants from IH Services will include:

  • Account Manager
  • District Manager
  • Operations Manager

Our recommended agenda would address topics of quality, productivity, cost, service, and associates, though we can revise this to suit your needs. In addition, any unplanned events or issues requiring attention will be included on the agenda as they arise.

In addition to the quarterly or semi-annual performance reviews, our Account Manager will meet briefly with your designated site contact on a daily basis for the exchange of needed directions or information. The IH Services District Manager is available to meet on request to discuss project, issues, and performance at any time.