Six Factors That Drive Success

We believe these six critical areas are essential to creating a successful partnership that achieves exceptional results.


There must be an effective and frequent communication process that allows for unfiltered feedback between you and our site team leader. We have found that very often what has been contracted for and what you really want can be very different and we need to know that. We need to ensure that you are able to alert us to issues that arise unexpectedly and that we advise you of their resolution.

"I wish to convey to you our deepest appreciation for both you and your on-site staff during Governor Nikki Haley's visit at Drive Automotive Industries of America, Inc. You have proven that your organization and people are up to a challenge, and can be relied upon to meet schedules and deadlines, while having the flexibility to adapt and overcome obstacles and changes as they occur. This level of professionalism can only occur through clear and concise leadership, with a strong emphasis on communication and delegation. the difference between a good company and a great company is its leaders and its people and you have both. Your on-site team reflects great credit upon you and your organization as a whole."

General Manager and Commercial AGM, Drive Automotive

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There must be the highest priority placed on safety: a priority that is evident in the training and scheduling of our associates as well as a priority that ensures that the conditions we create in the process of cleaning and maintaining your facility never place your employees in an unsafe condition.

"While finishing her clean on Friday night, Amber Michaels began to smell what she believed was an electrical fire. She sought out the source of the smell and after a moment realized she would not be able to locate it on her own. She led her Newbold Services team members outside and dialed the fire department. Within minutes it was clear that she had done the right thing. A heating unit in the attic had a motor malfunction and indeed triggered an electrical fire. If Amber had not quickly assessed the situation and evacuated her team members, the building could have been lost to a fire, and people could have been injured. Amber's actions allowed for a rapid response from the local fire department, and overall saved our facility from disaster. Amber made safety her priority, and is a Zero Hero in our book."

Hope Women's Cancer Treatment Center

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The quality that we promise must be attained every day and without fail. We must successfully integrate the supplies and equipment we selected for your facility with the hiring and training of our associate candidates. We must conduct frequent audits and inspections to measure our results and be willing to share those results with you even we might have failed to reach those very high standards at times.

"I repeatedly get compliments from our employees about the quality of cleaning services we receive. Newbold Services comes a long way towards meeting excellent service standards."

Director Office Services, Fluor Government Group

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Performance is all about people and the environment that we create that brings out the very best in those people. The selection of our site leader is the single most important decision that we will make in providing the foundation for our culture of “best” and allows us to deliver the exceptional level of service that we have promised.

"I commend your employees for the extra effort and hard work they put in to make the visit from our top plant management a very successful one. We cannot stress enough our appreciation for the job they did. I know many employees worked long hours and even some worked all weekend to accomplish all of the jobs we asked them to do. We send a big thank you for their efforts."

Facility Manager, Fruit of the Loom

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We must work together to achieve common goals and be willing to do those things
that are necessary to reach them, even if it occasionally falls outside the specific
details of the contract. We must be willing to share ideas and be free to explore
innovative solutions collaboratively and collectively.

"I would like to give KUDOS to you and your team for all the assistance you provide me with my recycling efforts as well as maintaining the waste drum storage area. During peak season things can get extremely hectic, but no matter how busy you and your team are, you always step up to the challenge! I am now in a position where I do not have the luxury of direct reports (labor) and rely heavily on the support of others. No matter the request, I always receive an immediate response and when this cannot be accommodated you always manage to squeeze me in. I am very grateful for the assistance I receive from you and your team. Thanks for always being top notch!"

EHS Specialist, Club Car

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We understand that our honesty (what we say) must be backed up with our integrity (what we do). Our company culture is centered on values that drive us to deliver exactly what we promise and to build a level of trust that offers the “peace of mind” that comes from knowing that we did what we said we would do.

"Last night I used the bathroom here before I went home. My wallet fell out of my pants and I didn't realize it until late last night. I got here this morning and a gentleman from Newbold Services brought it back to me. The wallet had $20 in it, which was what was in it when I lost it. I gave him the $20 and thanked him for being so honest and for bringing my wallet to me. I wanted to let you know how proud I am of Newbold Services for hiring the right folks to clean for ABC!"

Project Coordinator, American Buildings

It is our intention to avoid the trend in our industry that “more is better.”

Our goal is to provide complete transparency when it comes to developing a plan of action, custom-tailored supplies and equipment, staffing that encompasses a well-trained and motivated workforce, and individual specifications and frequencies that relate to your specific environment.

If there is additional information that you require or areas that you would like to discuss in greater detail, please do not hesitate to contact us online or call us at (864) 297-3478.