Building the BEST team requires finding, training, and empowering the BEST people.

Developing leadership attributes in every associate forms the foundation for creating a culture within their respective accounts that will contribute to their individual and collective success. Enhanced through an environment of collaboration and strengthened by an attractive Suite of Benefits, our below-industry turnover rate reflects the fact that our associates choose to remain with us.

Our Greatest Asset is Your Greatest Investment

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90% of Your Contract Pricing is Labor… and Labor is PEOPLE!

In order to attract the best people, IH Services recruits from a variety of employment sources:

  • On-Site Talent Acquisition Coordinator
  • Social Media
  • Job Placement Services
  • Colleges and High Schools
  • Online Recruiting Services
  • Newpapers
  • County Employment and Training
  • Department of Social Services
  • State Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • In-Plant Referrals
  • Community, Church, and Civic Organizations

Our Recruitment Program

IH Services ensures the consistent delivery of services through a proactive and well-maintained recruiting program. Each position requires a documented Recruitment Plan which is approved by the organizational unit. Recruitment Plans are composed of standard minimum posting periods, placement goals, and the utilization of a wide variety of recruiting sources.

Our Selection Criteria

Comprehensive Hiring Requirements
  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Loss prevention orientation
  • Pass drug screening
  • Pass background check
  • Previous employment history
  • Social security number verification
  • Legally eligible to work in USA/I-9 Form
  • All associates must be E-Verified

Our Suite of Benefits

Our “Above and Beyond” Benefits

In an effort to provide security and to reward and recognize our associates’ hard work, we use a combination of “Above and Beyond” standard industry incentive and benefits. IH Services is one of the very few Building Services Contractors who offer our associates a comprehensive benefits package.

Our “Above and Beyond” Incentives

It’s human nature to want recognition for a job well done. We regularly recognize those individuals who have gone the extra mile to deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience. In addition to personal acknowledgement from their Account, District, and Operations Managers, we provide a number of incentives to reward their extra effort.

Taking Turnover and Absenteeism to Loyalty and Longevity

For companies like ours that operate in an industry that depends on the efforts of a minimum-wage workforce, we must be extremely focused on the issue of absenteeism and turnover since these areas have a tremendous impact on our ability to deliver the quality and performance that we promised.

Some of the initiatives we have undertaken include:
  • Account-centered support structure that gives our associates the right tools to succeed
  • A Recruiting Program that utilizes current technology to identify and recruit the best candidates
  • A comprehensive Training and Orientation program
  • A safety-focused work environment
  • An Awards and Recognition Program that highlights their efforts and contributions on a regular basis
  • Account Manager screening process that identifies candidates that are capable of providing the leadership necessary to create a performance-based work environment
  • An environment of collaboration where people are asked for ideas and feedback
  • A focus on “Delivering Your Very Best” and recognition for those “Above and Beyond” efforts
90% of your investment is in PEOPLE

Select a company that understands and values this level of investment… one that has taken the necessary steps to ensure that your investment will be maximized by building a knowledgeable, stable, and motivated workforce. Request a quote today, or give us a call at (864) 297-3748