Delivering Our Very Best Comes With Commitment!

Focused through a new and energized vision and mission, and to realize the full potential of our company, IH Services guides our efforts each day by doing the things that must be done to deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience! We understand that developing, recognizing, and rewarding our people encourages them towards high levels of performance, and brings us closer to our goal of retaining 100% of our customers for life.

 As part of our commitment to rising beyond the basic CIMS Standards of Excellence, we continue to make a significant investment in our people, from our executive leadership to our operations and district leaders, our leaders and managers on-site as well as our hourly associates. We know that if we are to improve our performance and deliver a level of service that rises above expectations, we must focus on and invest in our “performers” whose job it is to deliver that exceptional service.

We Are Committed To Safety

Our “12 Steps to Zero Accidents” Accident Prevention Program

Safety is our NUMBER ONE priority and our first obligation in our commitment to our people is to keep them safe, and not just while they are at work. Our safety program is not just about reducing our accident rate, but more importantly, it is about increasing the safety awareness of all employees of IH Services and to help them develop the safe attitudes and habits that eventually lead them to becoming safe people.

“FleetSafer” to Promote Safe, Legal, and Responsible Use of Mobile Devices

IH Services, whose fleet of vehicles exceeds 1.5 million miles per year, was the first U.S. customer to implement the “FleetSafer” software program on all company cell phones. This software disables the text and email functions when operating a vehicle in excess of 5 miles per hour and only allows voice communications when using a hands-free device.

We Are Committed To Our People

Management Development

IH Services requires all members of our management team to be certified by the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) in either the Certified Building Services Executive (CBSE) or the Registered Building Service Manager (RBSM) certification programs.

Leadership Development Program

A rigorous 12-week program (open to all employees who hold a manager or director position or higher) that focuses on personal and professional development.

Sales Development Program

A 14-week program for all Business Development Managers to build the skills necessary to clearly understand the specific issues that our prospective customers have, the goals and objectives they seek, and then to provide them with the most cost-effective solutions.

Account Manager Training and Orientation Program

A comprehensive training program for all new Account Managers that provides them with the tools and resources they need to effectively lead and manage their individual account.

Annual Account Manager Leadership Development Seminars

There are programs designed to recognize and celebrate the best efforts of our associates, which include:

  • Safety Awards
  • Associate of the Month
  • Associate of the Year
  • Above and Beyond Awards

We Are Committed to Innovation and Technology


Our electronic timekeeping system holds everyone accountable and provides a fail-safe process to ensure that for every hour of labor you pay, you get an hour of work.

Supplies and Equipment

Our close associations with our “Best of the Best” supplier partners keep us on the leading edge of innovation and technology and allow us to implement new, higher performing cleaning agents and compounds as well as integrating new high efficiency equipment into your facility’s work flow.

We Are Committed To You, Our Customer

Our Cultural Values

These five values serve as our guideposts and are clearly defined as non-negotiable:


  1. We tell the truth… no excuses.
  2. We do the right things, at the right times, for the right reasons.
  3. We care… we serve… we support.
  4. We are accountable for what we promise.
  5. Customer focus… every one… every day.

Delivering Our Very Best

Our efforts to elevate our performance in each facility that we serve by creating an environment where people enjoy coming to work, are proud of the work they do, and are recognized for going above and beyond all have had a significant and positive impact on our ability to deliver a customer experience that results in long-term relationships that are grounded in trust, quality, and performance.

Creating A “Customer For Life”

Establishing a goal of retaining 100% of our customers for life put a renewed focus on every aspect of customer operations and demanded that we analyze everything that we do to insure that it was aligned with achieving this very important goal. It made us aware of the discrepancies that existed between what the contract said and what YOU really wanted and improved our communication with you so we could resolve those discrepancies and deliver exactly what you want.