textile mill

At IH Services, we understand what it takes to run a successful facility cleaning operation.

In Textile Plants, providing facility services in today’s economy is challenging and brings financial and operational pressure. You are asked to deliver it all; quality performance, savings, sustainable practices and continuous improvement.

Safety and performance are paramount in Textile Plants as they are in other market sectors. Environmental friendliness has gained significant importance with an increased awareness of the health and safety benefits of green products and cleaning practices.

Our industry-leading expertise and uniquely integrated cleaning solutions will help save you time, resources and money – delivering real operational efficiencies and cost savings.

IH Services is a Full Service Janitorial Services provider.

Below are some highlights from our competitive program:



Constant removal of lint in weave, spinning, card, preparation, slashing and blending rooms is essential to avoid product contamination and optimum equipment performance. Our experience provides a cost effective way to collect and remove unwanted contaminants.

Loom Cleaning


 There are many functions that take place hourly in a weave room so that it runs efficiently. Our personnel can perform loom wiping or blow off, dragging out and mopping under and around looms, warp out cleaning and collecting warp waste and selvage trim.

Overhead Cleaning


Keeping the overhead beams, cleaners, etc. free of lint and debris is important for product contamination. We can perform these functions either during shutdown or “on the run” by covering equipment and blowing, vacuuming or brushing the overhead.



Proper cleaning in the finishing area helps prevent fires and product loss. Whether it is finishing ranges, carmelizers, mercerizers, dye ranges, tinter frames or sanforizers, they all must be cleaned regularly by experienced personnel.

Air Washers


Air Washers require periodic tank draining, pit washing, blowing down of the overhead and walls, brushing off the dampers and motors, refilling the tanks, disposing of the waste to operate properly, and much more.

Sweeper/Scrubber Operations


The cleanliness of a facility is oftentimes defined through its floor appearance. Our certified sweeper/scrubber operators consistently maximize the floor appearance which will enhance your company’s image of excellence.

Facility Maintenance


Outsourcing your facility maintenance (grounds, window cleaning, pest control, etc.) eliminates the difficulties associated with recruiting, training and managing multiple vendors. Combining multiple service functions will help generate cost savings through economies of scale.



Proactive management and raised cleaning standards resulting from the formation of a partnership that is responsive and has the flexibility to adjust to your needs.