side view of a plane jet engine

At IH Services, we understand that Aerospace Facilities face special cleaning needs.

The constant movement of materials, equipment and people increases the amount of dust and dirt in the working environment.

A clean working environment improves efficiency so it’s important to reduce this particle movement for the health of your employees and to maintain proper manufacturing equipment operation.

Each facility has its own distinctive expectations for contract services. With this premise in mind, IH Services builds our plan around your clearly defined expectations. Whether your facility is producing aerospace parts or assembling aircrafts, we can help you maintain a clean environment by offering a broad range of cleaning and support services – enabling you to manufacture automotive products and materials faster, easier and more efficiently.

Safety and performance are paramount in Aerospace facilities as they are in other market sectors. Our industry-leading expertise and uniquely integrated cleaning solutions will help save you time, resources and money – delivering real operational efficiencies and cost savings.

IH Services is a Full Service Janitorial Services provider.

Below are some highlights from our comprehensive program:

On-Site Account Management


The IH Services Account Manager would meet with your designated point of contact on a daily basis in order to review and address any challenges or unexpected opportunities.

Sweeper/Scrubber Operations


The cleanliness of a facility is oftentimes defined through its floor appearance. Our certified sweeper/scrubber operators consistently maximize the floor appearance which will enhance your company’s image of excellence.

Fork Lift Operators


Outsourcing your janitorial, fork lift operators, sweeper-scrubber operations, utility cleaning, etc. will generate considerable labor cost savings and elevate your CPMH (Cost per Man Hour).

Waste Handling


The collection and staging of facility waste can affect the efficiency of your facility. IH Services’ facility waste solution will provide satisfaction to you, our customer.

Baler Operations


Baling takes large quantities of plastic or cardboard and makes them smaller and easier to handle, store and transport. Our baling program provides quality service and labor cost savings.

Hard & Soft Floor Care


The cleanliness of a facility is often defined through its floor appearance. Our certified floors technicians maximize the floor appearance which will enhance your company’s image of excellence.

Facility Maintenance


Outsourcing your janitorial and facility maintenance (grounds, window cleaning, pest control, etc.) to IH Services eliminates the difficulties associated with recruiting, training and managing multiple vendors. 

Paint Booth Cleaning


Associates assigned to paint booth cleaning will be certified in the proper methods, cleaning chemical application, best practices, safety and the proper chronological order of cleaning.

Clean Rooms


Cleaning is an essential element of cross-contamination control. IH Services uses proven protocols to remove particulate contaminants from your clean room whether small, large, Class 100, or Class 100,000.

Recycling Programs


Proactive management and raised cleaning standards resulting from the formation of a partnership that is responsive and has the flexibility to adjust to your needs.