woman greets her young son in an airport terminal

At IH Services, we understand what it takes to run a successful facility cleaning operation.

In the Aviation and Transportation industry providing facility services in today’s economy is challenging and brings financial and operational pressure.

You are asked to deliver it all; savings, quality performance, sustainable practices and continuous improvement.

Safety and performance are paramount in Aviation and Transportation facilities as they are with other market sectors. Environmental friendliness has gained significant importance with an increased awareness of the health and safety benefits of green products and cleaning practices.

Our industry-leading expertise and uniquely integrated cleaning solutions will help save you time, resources and money — delivering real operational efficiencies and cost savings.

IH Services is a Full Service Janitorial contract services provider.

Below are some highlights from our comprehensive program:

On-Site Account Management

Aviation & Transportation

The IH Services Account Manager will meet daily with your designated point of contact to review and address any challenges or unexpected opportunities.

Hard & Soft Floor Care

Aviation & Transportation

The cleanliness of a facility is often defined through its floor appearance. Our certified floors technicians maximize the floor appearance, enhancing your company’s image of excellence.

Daily Floor Maintenance

Aviation & Transportation

Frequency, accountability and proper application of a floor maintenance program will pave the way to a successful partnership.

Terminal Areas

Aviation & Transportation

You will have the information you need to monitor overall progress towards goals, as well as current status of quality and satisfaction levels. We solve your issues as they arise.

Passenger Waiting Areas

Aviation & Transportation

Engineered job schedules, daily shift inspections, weekly written audits and dedicated janitorial supervision will translate into accountability and cleaning consistency.

Facility Maintenance

Aviation & Transportation

Outsourcing your janitorial and facility maintenance eliminates the difficulties associated with recruiting, training and managing multiple vendors.

Parking Structures

Aviation & Transportation

The IH Services’ solution frees you from dealing with nagging issues while keeping you informed of the areas you want to know about.

Recycling Programs

Aviation & Transportation

Consistency in cleaning methods, training, and management will provide satisfaction to you, our customer.