Long-term care facilities


Long Term Care, Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation & Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living FacilitiesYour residents and their families are entrusting you with their lives and their well-being. Trust IH Services to work with you and your staff to deliver housekeeping and laundry solutions across your facility that will help you to constantly improve resident experiences and improve your facilities overall appearance.

HousekeepingThe appearance of your facilities always makes an impression. At IH Services, we want to make sure that the cleanliness of your facility expresses how much we both care about your residents. Our comprehensive housekeeping and laundry program will help you achieve a Five-Star Quality Rating by eliminating any Environmental Deficiencies in your facility.

IH Services is a full-service Housekeeping & Laundry contract services provider. Below are some highlights from our comprehensive program:

Soft Floor CareHard & Soft Floor Care
The cleanliness of a facility is often defined through its floor appearance. Floors that are streak-free, shiny and clean will enhance your company’s image of excellence.

"DailyDaily Floor Maintenance
Frequency, accountability and proper application of a floor maintenance program will pave the way to a successful partnership.

Maintenance TechniciansMaintenance Technicians
The IH Services Maintenance Technician would meet with your designated point of contact on a daily basis in order to review and address any challenges or unexpected opportunities.

Laundry OperationsLaundry Operations
We analyze each position for possible safety hazards before associates are placed in jobs ensuring all safety and regulatory compliance requirements are met.

Therapy AreasRehab & Therapy Areas
Consistency in cleaning methods, training and management will provide satisfaction to you, our customer.

Common AreasDining & Common Areas
We are committed to building a partnership that is committed to fulfilling your needs and reaching your desired goals.