Distribution Centers

Distribution Center Cleaning

distribution centersAt IH Services, we understand that Distribution Centers & Warehouse Facilities face special cleaning needs with the constant movement of materials, equipment and people which increases the amount of dust and dirt in the working environment. A clean working environment improves efficiency so it’s important to reduce this particle movement for the health of your employees and to maintain conveyor and equipment operation.

Each facility has its own distinctive expectations for contract services. With this premise in mind, IH Services builds our plan around your clearly defined expectations. Whether your facility is moving cases, pallets or food (including cold storage), we can help you maintain a clean environment by offering a broad range of cleaning and support services – enabling you to move products and materials faster, easier and more efficiently.

Our industry-leading expertise and uniquely integrated cleaning solutions will help save you time, resources and money — delivering real operational efficiencies and cost savings.

IH Services is a full service contract cleaning services provider. Below are some highlights from our comprehensive program:

on-site account managementOn-Site Account Management
The IH Services Account Manager would meet daily with your designated point of contact to review and address any challenges or unexpected opportunities.

Temporary and seasonal staffingTemporary & Seasonal Staffing
Cost-cutting may not be the only reason to outsource, but it is certainly a major factor. Outsourcing converts fixed cost into variable cost, releases capital for investment elsewhere in your business, and focuses your capital on revenue-producing activities."

Sweeper/scrubber operationsSweeper/Scrubber Operations
The cleanliness of a facility is often defined through its floor appearance. Our certified sweeper/scrubber operators consistently maximize the floor appearance.

Case pack, break pack, DA and Pick Module CleaningCase Pack, Break Pack, DA & Pick Module Cleaning
Consistency of cleaning methods, training and management in case pack modules, break pack, put and merge bed/mezzanine areas will provide satisfaction to you, our customer.

Merge bed cleaningMerge Bed Cleaning
Our engineering and operations teams have developed time values for cleaning all the areas of a Distribution Center. Based on our experience with multiple regional DC’s, there is no guesswork in developing the cost required to deliver consistent quality results.

Overhead cleaningOverhead Cleaning
We analyze each position for possible safety hazards and prepare Job Safety Health Analysis (JSHA) forms. All associates are trained on (OSHA) required general safety issues and have necessary equipment operator certifications.

Forklift OperatorsForklift Operators
Outsourcing your janitorial, fork lift operators, sweeper scrubber operations, cardboard and plastic baling and module cleaning will generate considerable labor cost savings.

Pallet Repair, Box Sortation & Baler OperationsPallet Repair, Box Sortation & Baler Operations
The IH Services’ solution frees you from dealing with nagging issues while keeping you informed of the areas you want to know about.

Trailer WashoutTrailer Washout
We are committed to  fulfilling your needs and reaching your desired goals. Daily, weekly and monthly communication by management to monitor the work leads to proactive fulfillment of the contract specifications.

Recycling ProgramsRecycling Programs
Proactive management and raised cleaning standards resulting from the formation of a partnership that is responsive and has the flexibility to adjust to your needs.