Teen Sport Fishing Association

We are very thankful to have such thoughtful people a part of the IH Services team. Patty goes above and beyond to work with these Teenagers and giving them an experience they will never forget. 

My name is Patty Lazarus and I am an Account Manager for IH Services/US&S, Inc.  I volunteer and help run the program for the "Teen Sport Fishing Association". We are 501c program and are active in six counties in the central Florida area. We have bi-weekly meetings where we teach and discuss different fishing related topics. 

In order for the teens to be active in the program we ask that they maintain a 2.0 GPA and pass a safe boater course and do one  community service. Tournaments are held once a month where they fish for prizes and trophies, and we hold a lunch where we serve hot dogs or hamburgers. We currently have around 160 teens in the "Teen Sport Fishing Association". The program runs from school year start to end. Around May at the end of each program year, we host a banquet where we have raffle and food. Please check out our website