April is Child Abuse Awareness Month in Kentucky

IH Services is proud to have such amazing people on our team! This is just one example of how our employees think beyond their immediate duties to the impact that we can have on the world. Thank you, Marie Johnson, for making a difference!

Hello, my name is Marie Johnson and I'm an Account Manager for IH Services, Inc. I am a supporter of "Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky" and April is Child Abuse Awareness month. I have ordered pin wheels for my family and the employees here at account 103 to plant at home to show our support for keeping children safe. 

I wanted to get the word out to let you know that on April 4th, 2014 "Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky" is asking people to wear the color blue to show their commitment to keeping children safe. I know that IH Services' March affirmation is "to make safety a way of life at home and at work" and that technically this will be happening in April, but their is more information that applies to April's affirmation as well.

One of the ways that we can support "Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky" is to make an effort to reach out and say something positive and encouraging to a parent or child. Sometimes just hearing a positive voice can help to alleviate stress and lower the possibility of abuse or to help encourage someone we may not be aware is a victim of abuse.

April's affirmation is "I make safety the 1st criteria for all decisions" and right now I am making the safety of Kentucky's children the first criteria for this decision. I know that we generally focus on a different array of preventable accidents at home and at work. However, I wouldn't have felt right if I didn't send this information your way even if it just reaches you.

Thank you,
Marie Johnson
Account Manager