April is Child Abuse Awareness Month in Kentucky

IH Services is proud to have such amazing people on our team! This is just one example of how our employees think beyond their immediate duties to the impact that we can have on the world. Thank you, Marie Johnson, for making a difference!

Hello, my name is Marie Johnson and I'm an Account Manager for IH Services, Inc. I am a supporter of "Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky" and April is Child Abuse Awareness month. I have ordered pin wheels for my family and the employees here at account 103 to plant at home to show our support for keeping children safe. 


Setting The Stage For Animal Adoptions

We Support Pet Props, Inc.

Pet Props was created by McKinley Riddle, a 13-year old animal lover, who has been volunteering at a local shelter for over a year. While volunteering, she realized that shelters can provide better care for the animals if they had increased community support, and she knew she should do something about it. By providing assistance to animal shelters, McKinley believes that shelters will be able to use their own resources to provide even better care to animals awaiting adoption. On behalf of McKinley, her grandpa, Bailey Hendley, approached Donna Butler-Hall, our Maintenance Manager. He asked if IH Services would be able to donate the use of one of our service trucks to help Pet Props pick up and deliver donations during a recent fundraiser. Donna and IH Services was very happy to help! Donna shared this note of appreciation (shown below) that was hand written by McKinley.


A Very Special Christmas Delivery

As we do each year, our associates at the corporate office in Greenville have “adopted” a local family with four school-aged children to ensure they have a very special Christmas. All the little elves have been happily donating food, new clothing, toys and what has amounted to four bulging bags of wrapped goodies for these young tots and their family. It gives us great joy to be a part of making a difference for this family, and we excitedly await the arrival of Santa’s sleigh to pick up and deliver some smiles to Daniel, Cedric, Jessica and Jake.